Client Agreement Waiver – Terms and Conditions

Woof Wonderland Client Agreement

Woof Wonderland Dog Daycare and Boarding Centre

Waiver & release form for dogs consideration of acceptance into Woof Wonderland Dog Day Care and Boarding.

I request that my dog/s be accepted into Woof Wonderland Dog Day care facility I understand and agree to the following –

My dog/s are in good health and have had their current C5 vaccinations including the kennel cough component and I am able to provide proof of this before my dog is allowed to attend Woof Wonderland. I must also inform Woof Wonderland if my dog as been infected with any communicable diseases before

My dog has been accepted into Woof Wonderland (assessment pending) based on the information that I have provided and stating that my dog is in sound health and does not show any reactive behaviour (aggression) towards any other dog, person or thing.

Any dog that is found to be aggressive will not be accepted and or accommodated at Woof Wonderland and may also be removed from Woof Wonderland at anytime.

All dogs must be restrained and under control on a lead and collar at all times whilst entering and exiting Woof Wonderland. Their collar will remain on at all times whilst at Woof Wonderland except during boarding.

I acknowledge and agree that my dogs photo or video maybe uploaded to social media and will remain the property of Woof Wonderland.

I accept that due to the inherent risks associated with a day care environment including but not limited to the transfer of communicable illnesses such as kennel cough, injuries including but not limited to broken nails, abrasions, cuts, sore pads and behavioural issues. First aid will be provided if required and will be reported to me upon collection.

I grant permission for my pet/s to the use of play areas and equipment such as but no limited to artificial turfed pens, agility equipment, play toys, sand pits and swimming pools and acknowledge and accept the risks associated.

I agree to fully disclose and underlying or pre-existing medical conditions, such as but not limited to heart murmurs, soft tissue injuries or skeletal injury or abnormality, skin conditions or allergies that will effect my dog in the use of the service or activities.

If my dog requires any medication for any condition, I must supply the medications with specific written dosage instructions and In the event of illness or injury, I authorise Woof Wonderland staff to take my dog or be seen to by our recommended vet Illawarra Animal Hospital – 24 Princes Highway Yallah, if emergency treatment is required.

I release Woof Wonderland and it’s employees and agents from all liability and indemnify Woof Wonderland from any and all claims, liability, actions, demands, proceedings, judgements, damages, costs and losses of any nature and I understand that under no circumstances whatsoever will Woof Wonderland be liable for any damages, losses, legal claims or medical expenses that may arise from my dog’s acceptance and participation in the use of this service.

By clicking yes you accept the above waiver, terms and conditions.